About the Studio...

Photography is more than my business - it's my art. 

I believe skill is developed and talent is inherited. It's the combo of the two that create photographs which are both unique and timeless. 

My name is Christina, and I've been photographing everything in front of me since I was about 16 years old. Studio Kuefner is my main love, besides my cats and my obsession with lavender and lily of the valley flowers! I'm driven by the heart and I create with both mind and soul. My images are more than just a click of a camera, edit on the computer and a social media post for likes and comments. They have energy behind them and they tell a story, your story.

I get to create with my clients and I love the collaboration process... I'm always looking for new projects, locations and travel opportunities! 

Studio Kuefner is proud to be sharing space with many other talented artists and is located in Downtown London, Ontario at 213 King Street, by appointment only. If being on-location is more your style, I also really love shooting on-the-go! Let's chat and start to create something awesome!